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The Mets just announced details for the exclusive 100-seat speakeasy they’ve been working on beyond the right-field fence all winter. While the pictures look awesome, it’s only going to benefit a very small number of fans.

The Cadillac Club at Payson’s will be limited to just 25-30 members. A front-row seat costs $25,000. With news of that, you could see some jokes floating around about how owner Steve Cohen had to find a way to afford the $360 million payroll the Mets assembled this offseason.

As it turns out, they’re working on other ways to appeal to the masses. And, more specifically, college students:

This is so simple, yet so genius.

When talking about ticket prices, the discussion typically centers around what it’s like for a family of four to enjoy a day at the ballpark. Between parking (or train tickets), tickets to actually get in, and food/drinks, it costs hundreds of dollars.

But what about college students who want to enjoy a game? According to Ticket Smarter, the average cost for an MLB ticket falls between $50 and $70. The teams with the most expensive tickets are the Yankees, Red Sox, and Dodgers.

Offering MLB tickets to students at a $15 price point and doing all the work via text? That’s probably music to their ears. Plus, getting in the gates at such a low cost helps justify spending money on Citi Field concessions.

It’s no secret the Mets are trying to build a brand. Winning certainly helps, but there are others ways to try and gain popularity/attract new fans. They’ve also paid for a Super Bowl commercial and will be having Amazin’ Day this weekend so NYC turns into a sea of Mets hats.

Being the big-league club in New York with the superior price point to attend games for college students is another shrewd move that’ll likely pay big dividends.

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