mets citi field scoreboard
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Mets owner Steve Cohen said it himself while down in Port St. Lucie recently. When he commits to something, the man doesn’t do anything halfway. He’s all in.

This applies to several things in his life. Regarding the Mets, nothing will stop him from putting the best roster on the field in order to chase a World Series title. He’s also said more than once that he made a commitment to the fans, and he plans on keeping his promise.

While this is mostly in reference to roster construction, Cohen is also concerned with the fan experience at Citi Field. That’s why he wants to develop the area around the stadium and even got some input from fans earlier this offseason. There’s more than one upgrade coming to Citi Field in 2023. However, the most notable upgrade will be the new scoreboard beyond the center field wall and the Home Run Apple.

We knew this thing was going to be huge. But my goodness, it’s massive. Look at the above picture with Keith Hernandez adorned on it to see what the scoreboard looked like in 2022.

During a recent interview with Mets radio play-by-play announcer, Howie Rose, Cohen mentioned that he was “squinting” at times to see what was on the scoreboard last season from his suite. He guaranteed that nobody will have to squint moving forward. This picture of the almost-completed scoreboard confirms such:

Juuuust a little bit of an upgrade, I’d say. This is like comparing the Mets’ payroll under the Wilpons to the team’s payroll with Cohen in charge. Much bigger, and it’ll probably be much better, too.

I wonder if having so much more room for activities will allow the organization an opportunity to bring different and more exciting graphics to games. We’ll just have to wait and see if this ends up being another Common Steve Cohen W. Sources say the likelihood of that is high.

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