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I’m about to provide you all with the type of hard-hitting analysis I always dreamed of when I thought about covering the Mets. Like, if I don’t get an award for this, then I’m going to be very upset.

Just kidding. Nobody is asking for this type of analysis off the heels of an interview with Steve Cohen, but I’m going to give it to you anyway. Mostly because I couldn’t shake the thought while I listened to the Mets’ owner chat with Howie Rose. And, the thing is, Cohen really wanted me to listen, so I did. And now we’re here.

We all have particular ticks or habits when it comes to conversations, getting interviewed, and public speaking. I’m certainly no different. I don’t want what’s below to come off as criticism. If you listen to anything I’ve done, there are definitely too many “umms” and “you knows” included.

When I hear a certain word too many times, though, it eventually becomes the only thing I hear. That happened in Cohen’s appearance on the Mets’dUp podcast this week. He spoke about his desire to make Bobby Bonilla Day a fun celebration, as well as many other things regarding his team and the fans.

Here’s the full interview:

One thing that didn’t change throughout the course of this half-hour conversation? The number of times Cohen said the word “listen” before answering a question.

He said it exactly 12 times. Here’s the breakdown of when it happened and what he talked about after saying it:

– 7:46: Rose mentioned the Carlos Correa situation, to which Cohen wished him well.

– 9:00: Talking about supplementing the team via free agency while rebuilding the farm system.

– 10:27: Giving his thoughts on how long it’ll take to fully restock the farm system to the level they’re aiming for.

– 15:25: Addressing his initial goal of winning a World Series within 3-5 years of him taking over the team.

– 16:31: Mentioned how the postseason can be a crapshoot and it’s important to get there consistently.

– 16:40: Same thought as the one directly above. Obviously. They’re less than 10 seconds apart.

– 17:51: He discussed how fun it was to be in the building when New York clinched a postseason berth in Milwaukee.

– 19:07: How often he talks with his staff, mostly mentioning general manager Billy Eppler and manager Buck Showalter.

– 19:47: Talking about how he’s investing in the organization’s future in various ways, not just the on-field MLB talent.

– 21:18: Mentioning how involved he gets in the baseball side of things with Billy and Buck.

– 22:22: How much he’s learned about running a baseball team since taking over in November 2020.

– 24:31: Keeping former Mets players and coaches engaged with the organization, like with Old Timers’ Day.

So, there you have it, folks. Most people — especially Mets fans — listen when Cohen opens his mouth. But there are also subtle reminders to do so throughout his appearances. Or if you’re like me, they’re not so subtle.

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