Jared Jeffries was the Big Ten player of the year. He played in the national title game and was drafted No. 11 in the NBA draft. He then had an 11-year professional career and made about $40 million total, according to Spotrac, and now has his own TV show about fishing.

Yet we will still argue the ex-Knicks forward’s greatest life achievement is winning a car on The Price is Right this week.


Every American dreams of that moment. You get called down. Your bid wins. You get to Plinko. You are informed you can win A BRAAAAAND NEW CAR! You win it. Then you hit 95 cents on the Showcase Showdown, followed by nailing the Showcase bid and winning both prize packages. And since this is your dream, and your’s alone, Bob Barker and the late, great Rod Roddy are still running the show.

(Side note: There’s no way Jeffries took the car. You never take the car. The tax hit is too rough. Take the cash payout instead. The Armed Forces literally instructs enlisted men stationed in California to do this if they go to a taping and get on. Besides, I’m sure Jeffries does not need a car.)

My top-5 game shows in no particular order: Price is Right, Jeopardy, Gong Show (game shows are much better when cocaine is prominently involved), Match Game and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Kids these days have no idea how big of a deal Millionaire was. It was one of the last non-sports programs where you HAD to watch live.

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