jose canseco

Does anyone actually know what problem Jose Canseco has with Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge?

Back in November, the former slugger — and noted steroid user — went on an unhinged tweetstorm telling Judge to get as far away from New York as possible in free agency. Just a couple of days later, he followed that up by going in on Yankee fans even more than he did in his first rant.

During that initial string of tweets where he warned Judge to pack his bags, Canseco made what could be considered a bold statement. The former outfielder mentioned he can hit a softball further than Judge can hit a baseball. Canseco ended that thought with “anytime you want to find out contact me”.

Here were are, two months after that proclamation and Canseco is clearly still thinking about it.

As if there was any confusion here, Canseco 100% believes what he said. Even with the carrot of doing this for charity, there is obviously no way Judge would ever agree to something like this. I mean, he wouldn’t even participate in the actual Home Run Derby this past year. Why would he give Canseco the time of day?

He wouldn’t, of course. That probably won’t stop “Mr. 40/40” from continuing to challenge the single-season American League home run record holder.

Let’s remind everyone that Canseco played in 37 games for the Yankees during the 2000 season. He was on the postseason roster that won the World Series that year. He got just one at-bat in October, which resulted in a strikeout.

Watching Canseco take hacks in the cage immediately makes me think of Rocky Balboa getting back in the ring during the 2006 film to face Mason “The Line” Dixon because he still had something “left in the basement”. But Rocky is way more likable. It just seems like the 58-year-old is just grasping for straws anytime he does stuff like this.

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