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Giants have ‘major’ training camp fight (VIDEO)

Fists are flying in East Rutherford. The Giants just had a donnybrook break out at training camp, and it was reportedly quite the show. The Athletic’s Dan Duggan reports on Twitter it was a “major fight” and the Daily News’ Pat Leonard called it a “disaster.”

More details via Duggan:

Started with Jon Feliciano and Tae Crowder. Cam Brown dragged Feliciano out of the scrum and OL coach Bobby Johnson pushed Brown. Then Feliciano punched Brown in the head. Never seen a coach do that to a player.

The whole sequence started with Saquon lowering his shoulder into Aaron Robinson with a bit more physicality than practice had been operating at. Next play, Crowder tackled Antonio Williams. Then Feliciano went right after Crowder on the next play and we were off!

Fights happen at camp. This one seems a bit more out of control than usual, though. And the fact a coach got physically involved in what was clearly more than a peacekeeping role has to give some pause. That really should not happen. Cannot happen. And it’s up to head coach Brian Daboll to make sure it does not.

“It got a little spicy toward the end. But that’s camp,” rookie tackle Evan Neal told WFAN’s Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney after practice. “It’s all love.”

Well, we’re not sure it’s that. But it is good to see the FAN, which is camped out in the Meadowlands all day, address the matter (we previously noted they had not earlier in the day). The Giants tend to get more kid glove treatment out of their flagship station deal with WFAN than the Yankees do. So there was some reason to wonder if the brawl would come up. But it did. Anyway, the Giants are going to be bad again.

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