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New York Yankees fans are going to have a tough time figuring out where to watch games this season. Even worse, it’s going to cost a fortune to watch all 162.

The NFL and NBA are leagues driven by national attention. MLB, on the other hand, is all about the local support for each team. Making it easier for local fans to watch games should be at the top of MLB’s to-do list.

Instead, MLB is trying to cash in on every possible avenue when it comes to television and streaming. This money grab is coming at the expense of the fan.

The old issues with watching the Yankees like carriage disputes aren’t going away. The new issues that come with unbundling aren’t doing anything to solve those old problems. In fact, it’s never been more difficult to watch the Yankees.

In addition to YES Network, a handful of networks and streaming services will have exclusive games. ESPN, Amazon Prime, Peacock+, and Apple TV+ will all be in the mix this season.

Not only is it going to be a hassle figuring out where to watch the Yankees on a nightly basis, but it’s not going to be cheap.

Picking out a cable service and signing up with every streaming service under the sun is as frustrating as it is expensive. Here’s what the local providers and streaming services will cost for a full Yankees season:

  • Cable Options
    • Verizon — $70.00 x 7 months = $490
    • Optimum — $74.99 x 7 months = $524.93
    • Xfinity — $69.99 x 7 months = $489.93
  • Satellite
    • DIRECTV –$74.99 x 7 months = $524.93
    • Dish — Not Available
  • Streaming Services
    • Amazon Video — $8.99 x 6 months= $53.94
    • Peacock+ — $4.99 x 6 months = $29.94
    • Apple TV+ — $4.99 x 6 months = $29.94

If you plan on watching every single Yankees game this season, dig deep into that savings account. Watching the Bronx Bombers won’t be cheap in 2022.

The absolute cheapest option to watch all 162 Yankees games (and a potential World Series run) is $603.75 through Xfinity. That’s before factoring in all the hidden costs and fees that come with setting up a cable box or a satellite dish.

Before going with the cheapest option, remember that YES Network and Comcast-Xfinity have had carriage disputes resulting in blackouts in the past.

The land grab going on throughout professional sports is hurting fans. Networks, streaming services, and professional sports leagues are squeezing the little guy. As cliché as it is to write, it’s true.

Maybe John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman on the radio wouldn’t be so bad? At least WFAN is free.

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