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Coach K’s farewell tour heads to the Final Four and the Mets are worried about Jacob deGrom’s shoulder.

Everyone bow down to Duke and make sure to kiss Mike Krzyzewski’s ring. Duke is gearing up for a Final Four matchup with North Carolina. Meanwhile, Villanova and Kansas are vying for a National Championship as well.

It’s a big weekend in college basketball, but don’t forget about the NBA and NHL action too. And of course, baseball is almost here and we have potentially bad news for Mets fans.

What we’re watching Friday:

  • MLB: Mets @ Cardinals — 1:05 PM ET
  • MLB: Yankees @ Tigers — 1:05 PM ET
  • NHL: Islanders @ Rangers — 7 PM ET

What we’re watching Saturday:

  • CBB: Kansas vs. Villanova — 6:09 PM ET
  • CBB: Duke vs. North Carolina — 8:49 PM ET
  • NBA: Knicks vs. Cavaliers — 1 PM ET
  • NBA: Nets @ Hawks — 7:30 PM ET

What we’re watching Sunday:

  • NBA: Knicks @ Magic — 6 PM ET

Jacob deGrom Shoulder Tightness?

So it begins? Injuries are a fact of life for MLB teams, but there are always a few players teams can’t afford to lose — Jacob deGrom fits that category. Unfortunately, the two-time Cy Young champ is dealing with shoulder tightness. Not good, Mets fans. Not good.

Nets Drop the Ball

Kyrie Irving is back, but the Nets are still struggling at Barclays Center. The Milwaukee Bucks and Giannis Antetokounmpo came into Brooklyn and stole a win in overtime. Kevin Durant’s final missed shot at the buzzer means the Nets are in a dogfight for eighth place in the Eastern Conference.

Remember, the teams in the 7-8 play-in game only need to win once to make the playoffs. Teams in the 9-10 game will need to win twice.

Trouble in Philly?

Is Doc Rivers blaming James Harden for Philadelphia’s embarrassing loss to Detroit? Surely, this 17-second clip is all the context we need. Philly is cooked and Harden is the reason for it. For a more nuanced take on the Doc quote, check out our friends over at Crossing Broad.


Thank you, Coach K. Thank you for telling everyone that this moment is about the kids on the team and not about you. It’s weird that everyone would make this moment all about you. It’s not like you announced your retirement and basically strong-armed the rest of college basketball into showering you with gifts and praise for an entire season.


Duke is matching up with North Carolina for the first time in the NCAA Tournament, let alone the Final Four. Kansas and Villanova are ready to roll on the other side of the bracket.

Even with the backdrop of the Coach K lovefest, Saturday should be an excellent day for college basketball fans.

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