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The Knicks are New York City’s team unlike anyone else right now

The New York Knicks are the most unique team in the Big Apple. No other squad can unite the city quite like the Knicks can and right now, the orange and blue are the best thing about New York City sports.

There is a relatively even split in the city for MLB and NFL fans. There might be a few more Yankees and Giants fans than Mets and Jets, but not by much. Those fanbases tend to share territory with one another in the tri-state area.

But the Knicks have the closest thing to a monopoly on local fans. The Brooklyn Nets have made attempts to snatch up real estate and fans, but those efforts mostly fall flat. This happened when the franchise moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn and later when they signed Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

While free agency moves and trades have turned the Nets into a bonafide championship contender, they still aren’t going to win the battle for New York City’s heart and soul.

This isn’t to say that the Nets have no fans. They have a small, yet passionate following still in New Jersey and scattered throughout the city. However, it’s obvious that the Knicks are New York’s team through and through.

Sidenote: Sorry, hockey fans, the redheaded stepchild of professional sports doesn’t move the needle like basketball, baseball, or football in this city.

New York Sports are in Shambles

Yes, it’s true. New York sports are nothing short of a joke recently. It’s been nearly a decade since NY won its last title. With nine teams in the four major sports (don’t you dare count Buffalo teams as “New York teams”), that’s a lot of losing over the last decade.

In this current moment, New York sports are struggling. The Yankees and Mets are the same, but different. Both organizations are experiencing an identity crisis as the Mets can’t seem to get out of their own way and the Yankees are a perennial loser in the postseason.

Meanwhile, the New York (or better yet, New Jersey) football teams are in a bad way. The Giants beat the Christian McCaffrey-less Panthers for their second win on Sunday, but they aren’t going anywhere. The one-win Jets are dealing with a boatload of injuries, including a PCL sprain that will keep Zach Wilson out for two to four weeks.

As for the Nets, they are the city’s best shot at a championship in the near future. But again, New York City doesn’t love them like that. The Nets would create significant buzz in the Big Apple with a championship.

If the Knicks were to win the 2022 NBA Finals, there would be calls to the National Guard to come in and restore the peace. Knicks fans will lose their minds if and when this franchise finally wins another title. Don’t believe me? Look at how Knicks fans reacted to an opening night win.

After beating the Sixers 112-99 on Tuesday night, the Knicks are off to a 3-1 start. The fanbase, which dominates New York City like no other team, is bursting with energy.

They might not be NYC’s best chance at a championship this year, but the Knicks are keeping the City That Never Sleeps wide awake.

NY/NJ hoops reporter (NBA/NCAA) & sports betting writer for XL Media. Never had the makings of a varsity athlete.