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The New York State Restaurant Association (NYSRA) has taken an interest in New York online sports betting.

The NYSRA and Elys Game Technology recently signed a memorandum of understanding to promote and facilitate opportunities for state food and beverage establishments to participate in New York’s sports betting industry.

New York online sports betting is expected to launch in late 2021 or early 2022 in time for Super Bowl LVI in Feburary.

Sports Betting in New York Bars and Restaurants?

The NYSRA and Elys Game Technology have agreed to develop and establish policies and procedures to advance sports wagering-related opportunities for New York bars and restaurants. This includes collective advocacy on the benefits and security of offering leisure betting entertainment within small business venues.

A press release did not go into details on how this may be established, but online sports betting kiosks in restaurants or bars seems to fit the bill of what the two groups are considering.

Through this method patrons could participate in sports betting through an exclusive online app at the licensed bar or restaurant.

“Our long-standing experience with this business model in Italy, our first-mover efforts in Washington D.C., and our partnership with the NYSRA are aimed at getting restaurant and bar owners the opportunity to offer legal sports betting in their establishments and to quickly become operational,” said Elys Game Technology Executive Chairman Michele Ciavarella in a release.

Similar Sports Betting Opportunities in Louisiana

Elys Game Technology is a B2B global gaming technology company with B2C online and land-based gaming operations in Italy.

Elys Game Technology recently helped Grand Central Restaurant and Bar in Washington, D.C., obtain a Class B and Management Service Provider license. Elys Game Technology representatives believe the restaurant will be the first in North America to be licensed for sports betting.

Louisiana will offer a similar program to its bar and restaurant owners when sports betting launches in the state. State facilities with a Class-A onsite consumption liquor licenses can receive a mobile wagering device, called a kiosk, to allow patrons to participate in online sports betting while in their establishment.


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