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New York is in a time of flux with the swearing in of new Gov. Kathy Hochul (D), but no big changes should be expected for the launch of New York online sports betting with the massive transition of leadership.

Senator Joseph A. Addabbo (D-15) told ESNY there will be no major delays, changes in deadlines or modifications to New York’s online sports betting plans with the new governor.

“I look forward, with an improved sense of optimism, that we can better expand gaming in New York. That, in my opinion, includes horse racing in our state. I think we can have a more successful, or at least a more cooperative approach, with Governor Hochul. That is my expectation as of today,” Addabbo told ESNY.

New York Online Sports Betting Licenses by Dec. 6

The New York Gaming Commission will continue to review the six applicants for online sports betting licenses and oral presentations will begin in September. A deadline of Dec. 6 to award the licenses is still in place.

This is not the time to “rewrite the whole mobile sports betting script,” Addabbo cautioned. Doing so would result in major delays and make New York lose out on both the Super Bowl and March Madness tournament, he said.

New York will continue on its sports betting course and work to implementing a “premier product.”

Evaluating Sports Betting After Super Bowl

Addabbo had long said he optimistically hoped the state would begin to take bets before the end of 2021 and have the online sports betting program fully operational by the Super Bowl.

With some initiative and extra effort this is still a possibility, he said, but it will be more likely that the first bet is taken sometime in January during the NFL playoffs.

An evaluation of the program after the Super Bowl would be prudent, Addabbo said, to make any necessary changes that could improve online sports betting in the state.

He did say that he expects an improved dialogue and sense of cooperation under Gov. Hochul’s administration compared with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s regime.

“The combative, confrontational atmosphere we’ve had in the past, I don’t expect that under Hochul’s administration. I see the Hochul administration being much more cooperative, much more professional in that sense. So therefore, I’ll be optimistic that with most gaming issues and racing issues we’ll have a better dialogue and a better discourse,” Addabbo told ESNY.

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