More changes are coming to the Mets in the wake of ongoing workplace issues. 

In the wake of the sexual harassment allegations surrounding Mickey Callaway and Jared Porter, the New York Mets’ leadership realized they have to do a much better job in regards to their anti-harassment and non-discrimination policies.

As a result, the franchise has released general counsel David Cohen and vice president of human relations Holly Lindvall on Monday.

The investigation that took place was the result by an article written by Katie Strang and Brittany Ghiroli of The Athletic. The piece took a deep dive into the workplace atmosphere which ultimately failed their employees in addressing several different harassment complaints.

The piece divulged several different issues that the Mets had in their legal and HR teams due to the inaction that took place when given information of misconduct that Mickey Callaway took part in during his time on the Cleveland Indians.

It was revealed that several different people including David Cohen and Holley Lindvall were notified of Mickey Callaway’s history of harassment yet no one in legal or HR contacted the woman to speak about it. They had only spoken to Callaway and he was ultimately not reprimanded.

Mickey Callaway is currently on Major League Baseball’s ineligible list until at least 2022.

The Mets ended up terminating their relationship with their first choice for General Manager after dozens of explicit messages were released of Porter harassing female reporters

With all of these issues coming to light, Steve Cohen released a statement to his employees explaining that the Mets plan to “expand their anti-harassment policy and anti-discrimination policy and “non-fraternization, dating, and romantic relationships policy” alongside improving their HR process for responding to complaints, according to Anthony DiComo.

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