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There’s a good chance the Jets add to the running back room this draft. Could they target Oklahoma’s Rhamondre Stevenson?

Rhamondre Stevenson Info

  • RB, Oklahoma
  • 6-foot, 247 pounds
  • 2020 Stats (six games): 665 rushing yards (6.6 yards per carry), seven touchdowns; 18 receptions, 211 yards

How Rhamondre Stevenson would Fit into the Jets Roster

Rhamondre Stevenson likely wouldn’t be an every-game starter if the Jets were to select him in one of the later rounds. However, he could find time as part of a running back committee alongside La’Mical Perine and free-agent pickup Tevin Coleman.

The Jets would likely utilize Stevenson more in short-yardage situations given his significant frame. He doesn’t possess spectacular open-field speed, so he wouldn’t be classified as an every-down back, but could definitely be productive down in the red zone.

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Rhamondre Stevenson Film Room Notes

Stevenson and Oklahoma’s November 2020 win over Oklahoma State (26 carries, 141 yards, 5.4 yards per carry; three receptions, 54 yards)

On the screen pass out of the backfield, Stevenson sets up his blockers and utilizes great vision to weave his way through the secondary for the significant gain. His ability to make guys miss is on display during this clip as well.

It’s a passing league — Stevenson will need to perfect his pass-blocking skills, which he portrays on this play.

Utilizing great power, Stevenson keeps the feet pumping on this short run.

Following the pitch from quarterback Spencer Rattler, Stevenson does a great job turning upfield in search of yardage almost immediately.

This is a simple inside run, but one that NFL scouts will love — Stevenson doesn’t do much dancing in the backfield and instead locates the hole in a timely manner before turning upfield for a seven-yard gain.

Once Stevenson finds the hole on these two plays, he lets the acceleration and elusiveness do the rest en route to notable gains for the Sooners.

Stevenson and Oklahoma’s December 2020 win over Florida in the Cotton Bowl (18 carries, 186 yards, 10.3 yards per carry, one touchdown)

You can’t be easy to bring down; Stevenson isn’t and proves that on the above play.

Another hard run from Rhamondre on the decent gain for the Sooners here.

The No. 1 turn-off for running back evaluators — the inability to hold onto the ball.

Not a great look for Stevenson, who fumbles on this second-down run.

Two great pass-blocks from Stevenson, who does his job protecting Rattler from the Florida pass rush.

The vision to locate the hole is present in this clip and so is the acceleration to find space. The lack of true speed, however, prevents Stevenson from taking this handoff all the way to the end zone.

But while the lack of speed may be an issue, the lack of size and playmaking ability aren’t — Stevenson is just too tough to bring down and proves it on this touchdown run.


The size, strength, and vision are all superb when it comes to Rhamondre Stevenson. He makes people miss and is impossible to arm tackle, and good luck if you’re one-on-one with him in the open field.

Each of these qualities will surely make him an attractive prospect in this draft, but the reason he may be a late-round pick is the lack of true on-field speed. He can accelerate, sure, but that acceleration doesn’t exactly lead to eye-popping separation from opposing defenders.

In a league that’s becoming faster and faster every year, this weakness may harm him. Regardless, if the Jets are looking for a big body to field in short-yardage situations, Stevenson could be a legitimate target on Day 3.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.