2021 NCAA Tournament Printable Bracket



Simply download the PDF file and print to use as you make your picks.



The field is set and we now know the matchups and times for March Madness, so that means it’s now time to grab a printable 2021 NCAA Tournament bracket and get to work.

Below, you will find the best printable 2021 NCAA Tournament bracket for download to fill out your picks for all 63 March Madness games.

Like most other things, NCAA Tournament bracket pools have heavily shifted online in recent years. Still, there’s just something nice about having all of the games laid out on a clean sheet of paper. Taking pen to paper for picks provides a clearer look at the championship path.

That’s why even if you’re doing pools with friends and coworkers online, we’re making available for download the 2021 printable NCAA Tournament bracket.

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The Best Printable 2021 NCAA Tournament Bracket

Following a thrilling run of conference tournament action that was loaded with crazy finishes and unpredictable upsets, this year’s field for March Madness is set. Below, grab a copy of our printable 2021 NCAA Tournament bracket.



Simply download the PDF file and print to use as you make your picks.


The Printable NCAA Tournament Bracket Is Still The Best

Times have changed. With national contests featuring big cash prizes, many people flock to top online sports sites and legal online sports book apps to make their picks. It wasn’t always this way.

Before the turn of the century, most people would rely on newspaper publications to provide a printable bracket that could be copied and distributed for office pools or competitions amongst friends.

In the early 2000s, most popular sports websites, like this one, provided printable tournament brackets. Those brackets printed on a single sheet of paper and were then copied and distributed.

Of course, the downside of the printable bracket is that it typically requires one person to keep track of each participant’s progress following each round, tallying wins and losses, and providing consistent record keeping.

Now, many websites and legal online sports books provide such tracking with online pools. Such pools can be maintained between smaller groups or include wide scale participation with big cash prizes.

DraftKings Sportsbook 2021 NCAA Bracket Challenge

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Some popular ways bet on the tournament include:

  • player props
  • point spreads
  • moneyline
  • game totals

Best of all, DraftKings also offers 64-1 odds on lower-seeded teams to pull off upsets and advance throughout the opening weekend of action.

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