Sandy Alderson
(Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)

Alderson discussed the firing of Mets general manager Jared Porter.

On Tuesday, New York Mets president Sandy Alderson spoke to the media. This virtual meeting came just a day after Mets general manager Jared Porter was fired.

Porter lost his job after news broke that he had sent explicit, unsolicited text messages and photos to a foreign female reporter back in 2016 when he was the Chicago Cubs director of professional scouting.

Alderson referred to Porter’s behavior as “abhorrent” and that it wouldn’t be tolerated by the organization.

Alderson spent a significant portion of the Zoom call discussing a cultural change within the club, and repeatedly noted that what Porter did goes against that change and “what we want the club to represent”.

He said that there seemed to be an “appreciation for the decision [the firing]” by members of the Mets because it does reflect that the club is, in fact, taking a change in culture seriously.

When asked about this potentially being a problem in MLB, Alderson said, “This is more of an indictment of our society than of the industry”.

He did go on to say, however, that perhaps it is more prevalent in professional sports.

He also mentioned that none of the recommendations he received about Porter during the hiring process came from women and that it’s unfortunate that there aren’t more women in positions of power in MLB.

Regardless, Alderson’s message was clear: a change needs to happen at the most basic societal level in order to prevent issues such as this from occurring.

Alderson also touched on something everyone was wondering: the new Mets GM. He noted that the Mets wouldn’t be hiring a new GM until the 2021 season comes to a close.

It appears as though Zack Scott, who was hired to be assistant general manager in December, will likely serve as the interim GM for the year.

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