nfl week 17 betting splits jets
Will Newton/Getty Images

Heading into the final week of the NFL regular season, bettors are placing their wagers on the Jets to cover against the Patriots.

Sadly, we’ve arrived at the end. The 2020 NFL regular season, a campaign impacted greatly by the lingering COVID-19 pandemic, will be concluding this Sunday. We do indeed still have the playoffs as well as Super Bowl 55, but after this final slate of regular-season games, many fans won’t be able to see their teams play again for months.

One of those teams happens to be the Jets, who are 2-13, way out of playoff contention, and locked into the No. 2 overall pick in the upcoming draft. They are, however, hot right now and in the midst of a two-game winning streak, and bettors are banking on them to cover against the Patriots this Sunday afternoon.

The majority of bettors believe the underdog Jets will cover the 3.0-point spread on the road — the Jets spread is responsible for 56% of the bets and 83% of the handle. The Jets actually covered a +8.5 spread when they lost to the Pats by three in Week 9.

In other news, the Giants will be taking on the Cowboys in a must-win divisional matchup. If the Giants win and then Washington loses to Philly on Sunday night, Big Blue wins the NFC East and advances to the playoffs. The same goes for the Cowboys (they’ll need to win on Sunday and subsequently have Washington lose).

Bettors don’t exactly like the Giants in this matchup though. Dallas (-1.5) is responsible for 81% of the bets and 86% of the handle.

In regard to the Washington-Philly game (which obviously could be important for the Giants), the percentage of tickets is essentially split between the two teams. However, Washington (-2) is responsible for 80% of the handle.

With the postseason right around the corner, there are still a number of playoff spots in either conference that have yet to be clinched. Just three out of the seven postseason seeds in the AFC have been locked down by a team, and the same goes for four of the seven seeds in the NFC.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.