LAS VEGAS, NV - AUGUST 13: Assistant coach Tom Thibodeau of the 2015 USA Basketball Men's National Team stands on the court as the American national anthem is performed before a USA Basketball showcase at the Thomas & Mack Center on August 13, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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With the New York Knicks interviewing as many as 11 coaching candidates, a definitive list of options is necessary.

A new era is beginning in Madison Square Garden. With team president Leon Rose taking over the New York Knicks, his first groundbreaking personnel move will be hiring a head coach. The Knicks State of Mind podcast dives deep to rank all 11 coaches.

In addition to Tom Thibodeau, Mike Miller and Kenny Atkinson were early candidates who are still firmly in the mix. Thibodeau was the early favorite to land the job and he is still leading the pack, but the Knicks are interviewing a number of young assistants with bright futures. Jamahl Mosley and Ime Udoka are two rising stars in the coaching ranks who will be head coaches sooner rather than later.

Matt Castillo plays the role of moderator while Chip Murphy and Danny Small list all 11 candidates in order.

Chip’s List

11. Jason Kidd
10. Mike Brown
9. Mike Woodson
8. Chris Fleming
7. Pat Delany
6. Will Hardy
5. Jamahl Mosley
4. Mike Miller
3. Ime Udoka
2. Tom Thibodeau
1. Kenny Atkinson

Danny’s List

11. Mike Brown
10. Jason Kidd
9. Mike Woodson
8. Will Hardy
7. Chris Fleming
6. Pat Delany
5. Jamahl Mosley
4. Ime Udoka
3. Kenny Atkinson
2. Mike Miller
1. Tom Thibodeau

Chip and Danny disagree slightly on a few guys, but their lists still line up with one another based on three tiers.

Tier one includes the five guys who likely have a realistic shot at landing the job (Thibodeau, Atkinson, Miller, Udoka, and Mosley).

Next, tier two includes a crop of assistants who are going to end up becoming head coaches sooner rather than later, but it probably won’t be with the Knicks (Hardy, Fleming, Delany).

Lastly, tier three includes the experienced head coaches who just don’t move the needle enough to jump ahead of guys like Thibodeau and Atkinson (Woodson, Brown, Kidd).

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ESNY staff reports.