Action Bronson
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Rapper Action Bronson speaks ill of the New York Knicks as well as Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving with no holds barred.

Rapper Action Bronson gives some insight into his life as a depressed New York Knicks fan and expresses his displeasure with Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving in the most recent episode of Serge Ibaka’s show, “How Hungry Are You?”

The Toronto Raptors forward asked Bronson if he’s a Knicks fan (since he’s from New York). Bronson replied dejectedly, “I’m, you know, yes.”

Knicks fans are known for their passion and loyalty, regardless of how their team is performing. Therefore, Ibaka asked him if he’s a “die-hard,” and Bronson said, “You stay with your team. You stay with your allegiance.”

Then came the question everyone was waiting to hear. Ibaka wanted to know Bronson’s thoughts on the season and “the rookie” (RJ Barrett).

Referring to this campaign, Bronson said, “Garbage. It is what it is.”

But regarding Barrett, he said, “He looks good. He looks like he can score. We need some work. He’s young…when we start talking about the Knicks, everything goes out the window…I think he has a future, but…I’m a harsh critic, you know? I want to see more.”

The two then spoke about the Los Angeles Lakers superteam and how Bronson would feel if that was the Knicks.

“I would acknowledge that it wasn’t fair,” he said. “But that still doesn’t mean that they’re gonna go out and win. It’s the Knicks.”

It’s fair to say that Bronson speaks for at least the majority of the Knicks fan base in expressing his thoughts on the team.

Pouring salt into the wound, Ibaka proceeded to ask, “You have to give credit to the Nets. The move they did this summer, right?”

After a bit of bickering, Bronson conceded, “Yeah, OK, it was a great move…obviously we wanted [Kevin Durant] here…we wanted that duo here, right? But we didn’t get it. I’m sour. Kyrie [Irving] is still- he’s taking off when he wants.”

Ibaka immediately came to Irving’s defense and indirectly criticized social media along with news outlets that vilify Irving.

Bronson then said, “I don’t look at, like, sports social media. I watch with my own eyes…Kyrie needs to start playing more.”

In response, Ibaka kept repeating that Irving was not playing because he was injured, which does not seem to be something Bronson believes.

“That’s what they say…I’ve definitely faked knee injuries, as well,” he said.

All in all, Bronson let no one off the hook, from his own team to his rivals. You can watch the full video on Bleacher Report.

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