Rodions Kurucs
ESNY Graphic, AP Photo

Brooklyn Nets forward Rodions Kurucs is the subject of an ongoing domestic violence case that continues to unfold.

According to Andrew Denney of the New York Post, the evidence against Rodions Kurucs was officially handed over by prosecutors.

News of accusations against Kurucs was initially brought to the forefront this past September. Trevor Boyer and Graham Rayman of the New York Daily News reported that Kurucs allegedly attacked his then-girlfriend in their Brooklyn home on June 27.

According to Boyer and Rayman, Kurucs allegedly screamed, “I am going to kill myself,” before putting his hands around the women’s throat and choking her.

Kurucs allegedly pushed her on the bed, slapped her in the face twice, bit her lip, and pushed her into the bedframe. As a result of the altercation, the woman reportedly suffered injuries to her ribs, left hand, and face.

He’s currently facing charges of third-degree assault, criminal obstruction of breathing, second-degree harassment, attempted assault, and third-degree menacing.

Denney notes that Kurucs’ attorney, Alex Spiro, had received a “significant amount” of materials from the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office after 5 p.m. on Tuesday. Spiro argued that he was not given sufficient time to review the materials before the trial.

Spiro had been informed prior that the evidence against his client was superficial. He as told there were no 911 recordings, photos, or testimony from eyewitnesses.

Kurucs is currently in year two of his NBA career. He’s averaging 4.2 points and 2.3 rebounds in 21 games for the Brooklyn Nets. Kurucs’ court date is set for Feb. 11.

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