Mark Pavelich
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Former New York Rangers forward and “Miracle on Ice” Player, Mark Pavelich, was declared dangerous to the public by a Minnesota Judge.

Former New York Rangers player and member of the 1980 USA Olympic Hockey gold medal team, Mark Pavelich, was declared mentally ill by a Minnesota Judge on Thursday and was committed to a treatment facility.

Pavelich, 61, was arrested four months ago for second and third-degree assault. He has been incarcerated at the Lake County Sheriff’s Office since his arrest.

According to a report per the Star Tribune via

“Pavelich was evaluated by two clinical psychologists who found he was suffering from various conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder, delusions and paranoia and a mild neurocognitive disorder due to a traumatic brain injury.”

Pavelich played seven NHL seasons, five for the Rangers after he joined the organization following his gold medal win with the 1980 Team USA hockey team.

Former Rangers teammate Barry Beck posted a long statement that mentioned Pavelich’s daughter. Beck understands finding help for her father is critical.

“Mark Pavelich’s sister Jean messaged me and said the Minnesota judge ruling in Marks case has labeled Mark ‘mentally ill and dangerous.’

“Unless doctors decide differently in 60 days while he is hospitalized he could spend the rest of his life there. Jean is so sad now she doesn’t have the heart to tell her 87-year-old mother. It could be three years before doctors reevaluate.

“Corey Hirsch, who is in our group, is a former goalie and mental health advocate.

“Corey says, ‘So can someone explain this to me. We have former players killing themselves, struggling with depression and severe mental health issues and none of us can get the NHL, NHLPA or individual teams to call us back?’

“Right now I feel sad for Mark and his sister. Our group of eight players wants action taken. It looks like we will fight for Mark without the help of the NHL and its affiliates.

“I worry for Mark in detention and the blame Jean puts on herself for not recognizing the signs earlier. This is what it comes to for the families. Guilt that they didn’t do enough. What a travesty of justice.

“This falls directly on the shoulders of the NHL!! Players killing themselves and no action taken!

“I was proud to call myself an NHL player. Today I am embarrassed.”

-Barry Beck

This story is undoubtedly a sad turn of events for a good ambassador for USA Hockey and the NHL.

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