Domingo German
(AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

Talk of an innings limit for Domingo German makes the New York Yankees’ lack of moves at the trade deadline even more puzzling.

Aaron Case

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone says it’s time to start discussing an innings limit for Domingo German. So why the bleep didn’t the team do whatever it took to acquire a starter before the 2019 trade deadline?

“We’ll obviously start to have those conversations (about shutting down German) and go accordingly,’’ Boone told’s Pete Caldera.

German, who turned 27 on Aug. 4, has been the Yanks’ ace this season. He’s 14-2 with a 3.98 ERA, stepping up to replace the still-missing Luis Severino.

There’s one problem, though: German threw his 104th inning of the season on Sunday. That’s only 19 short of his professional high of 123.1, posted in 2014 at single-A.

The Bombers’ rotation put fans through a hellish stretch toward the end of July, leading everyone and their grandmas to believe Brian Cashman would unload his farm system for an arm or two. However, reinforcements never came.

An innings limit for German means New York would enter a potential ALDS with only their other four starters, who boast a collective 4.84 ERA.

But there could be hope. Boone also teased fans by telling Caldera that he believes German has “a lot left.’’

According to Caldera, the Yankees have yet to tell German about a possible shutdown. “I feel really good, I feel really strong. I feel great,’’ German told Caldera via an interpreter.

New York has 52 contests remaining in 2019. Some simple math indicates German could have another 10 starts left, which would place him deep into uncharted usage territory.

The Yankees could rest him whenever possible down the stretch, saving bullets for the postseason. Alternatively, they may be banking on Severino returning to full power just in the nick of time.

Whatever path they choose, at this point it seems like a bigger risk than a trade-deadline move.

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