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New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman claims they “didn’t get close” to making a trade at Wednesday’s deadline.

On Wednesday, the 4 p.m. ET trade deadline came and went, with the New York Yankees barely making any noise. The goal for the Bombers was to improve their starting rotation, which is 18th in the majors with a combined 4.77 ERA. However, that didn’t happen, and Yankee fans aren’t exactly pleased.

Speaking to reporters after the deadline had passed, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman stated that the front office didn’t even get near the finalization of some trades.

“We didn’t get close to anything,” Cashman said, per Megan Armstrong of Bleacher Report. “But we certainly knocked on all doors and had a lot of ideas and exchange of ideas with clubs in our effort to improve.


“As a buyer, it has to hurt. I get that. But I was not willing to do what was available and what was being presented. And clearly, my counterparts were unwilling to do what I was willing to do in my offers. Maybe my counterparts felt my offers were underwhelming, and certainly I felt their offers were overwhelming. We just never matched up.”

The Yanks did, however, acquire 20-year-old prospective left-hander Alfredo Garcia. He’s currently in Single-A, therefore, will not be pitching for the Bombers anytime soon.

With the Yankees barely making a name for themselves at the deadline, the Houston Astros did the opposite. They added Cy Young winner Zack Greinke. The Astros are definitely a team the Yanks could meet in the American League playoffs in October.

Currently, the Bombers lead the AL East division by 7.5 games, starting at a record of 68-39.

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