Tim Tebow
(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

If you’re a Tim Tebow fan, look away. The New York Mets farmhand just hit a brand-new low in his professional baseball career.

Aaron Case

Somewhere Stephen A. Smith is laughing; elsewhere Skip Bayless pouts. But there is no joy in New York Mets-ville—a position player just struck mighty Tim Tebow out:

That’s right, Buffalo Bisons’ first baseman and outfielder Jordan Patterson took the mound for the first time as a professional and mowed down Tebow.

It’s not the first Tebow K that’s made sports news recently. The 31-year-old ran into demoted New York Yankees reliever Chad Green early in May, and that encounter didn’t look good either:

And to think it was only three short months ago that Mike Francesa thought Tebow had a shot at the MLB roster. Now the Mets’ celebrity prospect looks like he’d have trouble making a high school team.

When Green took his 16.43 ERA to AAA and made Tebow look silly on three pitches, it wasn’t pretty. But this latest Tebow trip up is a microcosm of the next-level cringeworthy season he’s putting together.

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The 2007 Heisman Trophy winner is slashing .156/.239/.227 with just one home run. His strikeout against Patterson brought his total up to 53 in just 40 games with the Syracuse Mets.

Diehard Tebow fans still have reason to hope, though. After all, the former quarterback is only a year removed from hitting a respectable .273/.336/.399 with six homers in 84 games at AA.

He still has plenty of time to turn his season around. And if the Mets continue their .500 pace late into the season, they may yet consider making him a September call-up to sell a few extra tickets.

But there’s a long way to go before that happens. For now, all fans can do is watch to see if Tebow’s worst season as a professional athlete can actually get any worse.

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