Jerry Seinfeld
(Photo by Greg Allen/Invision/AP)

Jerry Seinfeld will be reuniting with his old pal, Keith Hernandez, when the New York Mets host “Seinfeld” night at Citi Field.

“Seinfeld” is a timeless television show and no episode is more iconic than “The Boyfriend” with Keith Hernandez. The New York Mets will reunite Hernandez with Jerry Seinfeld on July 5 for “Seinfeld Night” at Citi Field.

Hernandez’s cameo appearance on “Seinfeld” makes for one of the best episodes in the entire series. In fact, ESNY’s official rankings have “The Boyfriend” at No. 1.

In the episode, Hernandez’s relationships with Jerry and Elaine are front and center. However, an alleged spitting incident involving Kramer and Newman takes this episode to legendary status.

Maybe the Mets should consider bringing Roger McDowell into the booth so he can finally tell his side of the story. The alleged “second spitter” has always seemed like a fishy story to me.

McDowell appeared in a video to promote the Brooklyn Cyclones’ “Seinfeld Night” in 2014, but he wouldn’t admit to being the “second spitter.” Perhaps the Mets can convince McDowell to come on July 5 and set the record straight.

As far as ballpark promotions go, this is about as good as it gets. Seinfeld has always been a diehard Mets fan who the team has embraced throughout the years.

Mets fans have gone crazy for wacky promotions like a Noah Syndergaard gnome and a Jacob deGrom wig in the past. A Seinfeld bobblehead has to rank up with the gnome and the wig as one of the best promotions the team has run in recent years.

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