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New York Mets: A bat invades the Citi Field press box (Video)

Tuesday night was a batty one for the New York Mets and the writers who cover them from the now sketchy confines of the Citi Field press box.

Aaron Case

Whether or not you can accuse New York Mets beat writers of having bats in the belfry now is uncertain. However, a bat did show up in the Citi Field press box on Tuesday night before New York took on the Cincinnati Reds.

According to Mark Fischer of the New York Post, a maintenance worker safely apprehended the winged mammal.

Many people would consider such an invasion a bad omen. After all, bats make regular appearances in ghost stories and horror films.

Even more disconcerting for Mets fans is the fact that the Reds’ triple-A club is the Louisville Bats. That affiliation should make the bat and its mythical properties allies of Cincy.

Therefore, when Jeurys Familia blew a save in the 9th, it seemed that the ominous creature’s visit had cursed New York.

Then, Pete Alonso delivered a 4-3 win with a walk-off sac fly in the bottom of the 10th inning. Needless to say, the crowd at Citi Field went bat-bleep crazy when J.D. Davis crossed home plate with the winning run.

The win put the Mets over .500 (15-14) and pulled them within just one game of the NL East–leading Philadelphia Phillies.

Considering how superstitions baseball players are, don’t be surprised if the Mets now ensure that a bat always terrorizes writers prior to games. They should at least hang up a few halloween decorations to see if they can get a nice winning streak out of the situation.

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