Kevin Knox
AP Photo

Kevin Knox’s career with the New York Knicks began with TV cameras focusing on angry fans, but now that’s a distant memory.

Kevin Knox’s up-and-down rookie season is over, but it began way back on June 21, 2018, in Brooklyn. The New York Knicks took Knox ninth overall and the fans were overwhelmingly positive about the pick.

Despite the positive response to the pick, the majority of people chose to focus on the angry kid on TV who was expressing disappointment with the pick. A handful of fans at the draft disliked the pick so everyone rallied around the same tired storyline.

During the season, Knox met the kid in the video and said there are no hard feelings between the two.

“We laughed it up about what happened on draft night,” Knox said to Bob Putnam of the Tampa Bay Times. “He now says I’m one of his favorite players.”

There was no reason to boo Knox on draft night and there was no reason to boo Knox at any point during the season. Although his season saw its fair share of peaks and valleys, Knox maintained his confidence throughout the season.

“One of the biggest adjustments is dealing with a lot of ups and downs in the NBA,” Knox said. “There’s a lot of points in the season where you’re not playing good basketball at all. And there’s points where you’re playing at a high level. I just want to make sure between those ups and downs I’m staying positive and staying in the gym.”

At the ripe age of 19, Knox kept his composure through a chaotic season. He never called out teammates publicly and went the entire season without causing even the slightest hint of drama.

Most of all, Knox showed flashes of brilliance as well. While he still has a lot of growing to do as a player, he looks readymade to fall in line as a secondary option should the Knicks land two superstars in free agency.

Knicks fans should be thrilled with how Knox handled his first season under the bright lights of New York.

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