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New York Red Bulls midfielder Alejandro “Kaku” Romero must learn and turn the corner after the infamous KC fan incident. 

The Godfather ended when Kay found out the truth about her husband, Michael. Jack died toward the ending of Titanic. And the Kaku saga must end after he kicked the ball at a Sporting Kansas City fan’s face.

New York Red Bulls star playmaker Alejandro “Kaku” Romero has been the most controversial player in the MLS this year. His career in the league is a storyline screenwriters wouldn’t even dare to write.

Even the way the 24-year-old joined the Red Bulls was a hot take. Kaku’s former team Club Atletico Huracan announced that they transferred him to New York on Dec. 23, 2017, but his former agent, Marcelo Simonian, slew the transfer down because he wanted a raise. The playmaker didn’t officially join RBNY until Feb. 16, 2018.

After he finally joined New York, the saga kept on escalating. About a year later, Kaku’s next agent, Gustavo Casasola, bashed the club for not paying for his client’s Uber after he flew to the U.S. from Argentina.

The Argentine native wanted to transfer to Mexican powerhouse Club America in January but RBNY reportedly overpriced him; Casasola compared the club to Adolf Hitler. Kaku also sent the Red Bulls a message via Twitter, saying that the last key will open the door.

The midfielder wasn’t on the team’s gameday roster versus San Jose Earthquakes on March 16 because of an “internal issue,” according to head coach Chris Armas. He wrote on Twitter that he thought he was more important after the team was eliminated out of the Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League.

These incidents seem as minor as bumping someone in the elevator compared to the last episode on “The Kaku Saga.” On Sunday, in a match versus Sporting Kansas City, the Paraguay international did the unthinkable. Or, should we say, the unforgivable.

The score was 2-2 in the 93rd minute. Kaku was eager to get the ball to try to produce a late winner. New York is having a rough season and they were on an unexpected three-game losing run.

Vincent Bezecourt tried to pass the ball to team’s playmaker but it got deflected out of bound. Kaku lost it. He jumped with rage.

It seemed as if he wanted to release the weight of all his problems out: the Red Bulls substandard start to the season, their Champions’ League elimination, wanting to transfer to America but denied.

Kaku had it. The midfielder noticed that the ball, what he says makes his joy, was rolling toward him. He kicked it straight at a Kansas City fan’s face with every strength he could find. However, more than likely, his intended target was the sideboard.

The man reportedly suffered a bloody nose. To make matter worse, Kaku smiled then shrugged in disbelief after the referee issued him a red card.

The ex-Huracan man did raise his hand to apologize as he was walking off the pitch but smiled again before entering the tunnel. Perhaps he was smiling because he was in discomfort at the fans’ harsh words.

As expected, MLS and soccer fans despise the youngster now. Sports analysts are urging the MLS to ban him for several games. Michael Lewis from Front Row Soccer wants the MLS to suspend the midfielder for 10 matches.

Even Kaku’s team said they don’t condone this type of behavior in a statement. The Red Bulls might have to release him.

This has to be the end of the saga or else Kaku’s career will fall into ruin (if it hasn’t already), which would be a heartbreak because he’s unarguably one of the most creative midfielders in the MLS—when he’s in the mood.

Sadly enough, the odds are against Kaku to change his way. Many soccer players never change even when faced with heavy punishment.

Spanish and Atletico Madrid forward Diego Costa, who’s known for confronting his opponents, was banned four times before this season. Costa insulted the referee in a La Liga game against F.C. Barcelona on March 6.

The league suspended him for eight matches, fined him with a sum of €6,010 ($6,797) and his team for €2,800 ($3,166).

Other players such as John Terry and Eric Cantona never repented of their ways after several punishments either. One player stands amongst the crowd, Luis Suarez.

Suarez has been banned for racially abusing ex-Manchester United defender Patrice Evra, for biting his opponents on three different occasions, and so on.

In his last incident, the Uruguayan bit Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder on June 24, 2016. He was suspended for it from all football-related activities for four months. Suarez hasn’t been banned since.

Hopefully, Kaku will join the list of players who changed. Doing something as grave as kicking the ball at a fan’s face has to be the last scene of the saga.

Originally from Haiti, Ralph 'Onz' Chery started his writing career as a City College of New York student with The Campus. He also wrote for First Touch, the Cosmopolitan Soccer League and other local leagues. After graduating, Onz started covering the New York Red Bulls for ESNY and joined Haitian Times.