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The New York Rangers will celebrate the 1994 Stanley Cup on Friday. Stephane Matteau and Howie Rose discuss that one legendary goal.

Frank Curto

For all New York Rangers fans, the goal and call that propelled the team into the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals still sends chills up and down the spine.

“Into the far corner, Matteau swoops in to intercept, Matteau behind the net, swings it in front, he scores, Matteau Matteau Matteau, Stephane Matteau, and the Rangers have one more hill to climb baby and that’s mount Vancouver.” – Howie Rose

Howie Rose and Stephane Matteau had the opportunity to stand together and talk about the “call.” The Rangers defeated the New Jersey Devils in double overtime of Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals at Madison Square Garden. The win put the Rangers into the Stanley Cup Finals against the Vancouver Canucks.

“I first heard your call only five or six months later and I had chills,” Matteau said to Rose in the video. Matteau would later say that at first, he was embarrassed when he heard the call because no one even knew his first name.

Rose would later say he “never heard himself go that crazy, I thought I blew it.”

What Howie actually did was create a lifelong memory that still stands strong today. On Friday night, the Rangers organization welcomes that 1994 team back to the Garden, and that moment in time will be relieved again.

Howie Rose and Stephane Matteau are two key immortal pieces of that magical run in 1994. Matteau provided the signature moment on the ice and Rose’s call solidified that moment’s time in history.

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