New York Giants
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As if this New York Giants season wasn’t confusing enough, now two fans are suing their favorite team.

The New York Giants didn’t have the best year this season. In fact, last season wasn’t so great for them either. For brothers Kyle and Patrick Flynn, it’s been torture.

Now, they’re fighting back. The Flynn brothers are suing the New York Giants in order to be able to heckle their own team.


First of all, the Giants deserved to get heckled both this season and last season. And second, what did they do that was so terrible?

According to a report from a Philadelphia news station, 6ABC Action News, the Flynn brothers sued the Giants “claiming their rights to free speech were violated when officers arrested them for cursing at players last year.”

The incident in question occurred during the New York Giants’ game against the San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium. The game, which took place on Nov. 12, 2017, ended up 31-21 in favor of the 49ers.

Multiple witnesses reported the Flynn brothers cursing out players on the bench during the game. According to 6ABC Action News’ report, the brothers were warned by police but continued heckling, resulting in their ejection from the contest.

Heckling is a part of the game but typically people heckle their opponents. No, it seems the Flynn brothers wanted to motivate the Giants by being completely nasty.

I mean, it they were just heckling Eli Apple, I’m sure the entire crowd would have joined in right then and there. And honestly, I’m sure the words they were saying to these players were probably words they were saying to themselves as they found themselves losing to the lowly 49ers.

In all honesty, do you blame them? The 2017 Giants needed a kick in the pants and maybe the Flynn family was just looking to give them added support.

Instead, it got them in a messy lawsuit.

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