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Christmas is almost here. What could the youthful and energetic New York Knicks, led by head coach David Fizdale, use the most?

Josh Benjamin

It’s almost Christmas, and everyone knows what they want for a present this year. Some surely want new clothes. Some want that shiny new big-screen TV to watch the New York Knicks. Others may just want to spend time with family.

Some people might want a private island where the only mode of transportation is Triceratops-drawn carriage. Oh, wait. I’m sorry. That’s just me!

But as jolly ol’ St. Nick packs up the sleigh, he shouldn’t forget about a team that needs some Christmas spirit: the New York Knicks. For a team that plays in the greatest city in the world, the Knicks have little reason for Christmas cheer. They’re 9-24 on the year and have lost eight of their last nine.

Granted, this year was always planned to be a rebuild, and the Knicks have looked quite competitive despite their record, but that’s not the point. Being a losing team at Christmastime isn’t easy! It’s like going to the video store (yes, there was life before Netflix) looking for Home Alone, and only seeing Ernest Saves Christmas.

Nobody deserves a Merry Christmas this year more than the New York Knicks and their fans. Thus, if Santa Hoops is reading this, here are some things the Knicks could really use for the rest of the season that would make for excellent Christmas gifts!

Patience with Fizdale

I’d imagine sports fans across the world are much like the results-driven New York fans. If the team struggles, circumstances don’t matter. It’s the coach’s fault. After all, he’s the one who instructs the players, so a bad record must mean he’s doing a bad job.

That could not be further from the truth with first-year Knicks coach David Fizdale. Sure, the Knicks have lost more than twice as many games as they’ve won, but their ability to keep games close is uncharted territory.

For far too long, Knicks teams fell behind early and then laid down instead of fighting on. This Knicks team is not a typical losing squad.

For context, the New York Knicks have fully embraced Fizdale’s balanced system. While most other teams are moving toward fast-paced, guard-oriented offense, the Knicks are trying something different. Rather than scoring, New York is emphasizing tough on-ball and interior defense, and a unique mix on offense.

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