Spencer Dinwiddie, Frank Ntilikina
(Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)

Spencer Dinwiddie is stirring the pot on Twitter with a Kristaps Porzingis hypothetical that has Nets and Knicks fans feuding.

Spencer Dinwiddie of the Nets knows how to rile up Knicks fans and on Sunday night, he did just that. Dinwiddie responded to a Kristaps Porzingis hypothetical posed on Twitter by SB Nation’s Kristian Winfield (formerly of ESNY).

Dinwiddie’s response is a callback to the offseason when Dinwiddie proclaimed that the Nets would be better than the Knicks. This led to a war of words with Enes Kanter and Dinwiddie eventually clarifying his comments.

In the run-up to the regular season, Dinwiddie was asked about his offseason comments. He explained that his comments were more about his own confidence rather than about disrespecting the Knicks. He wasn’t expecting the type of backlash for his comments.

Dinwiddie’s response to Winfield’s hypothetical is an obvious nod to the backlash that ensued during the offseason when Dinwiddie originally proclaimed Brooklyn to be the best team in New York. It’s no surprise that Dinwiddie’s tweet set off a stream of replies from Knicks and Nets fans alike.

But even if Dinwiddie’s comment isn’t completely tongue-in-cheek, he has the right to talk as much trash as he wants right now. Dinwiddie was the key to the Nets thrashing of the Knicks on Saturday night.

His aggressive mindset on Saturday was the biggest reason for the Nets’ dominance over the Knicks. Despite a late comeback attempt, the Nets maintained control for the entire game.

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