Spencer Dinwiddie Brooklyn Nets
(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

On Monday, Spencer Dinwiddie and Enes Kanter started feuding on Twitter. On Tuesday morning, the Brooklyn Nets guard set the record straight.

There’s nothing wrong with a little trash talk. Spencer Dinwiddie and Enes Kanter took to Twitter on Monday night to take shots at one another. But on Tuesday morning, the Brooklyn Nets guard gave the final word on his comments.

Dinwiddie clarifies that his feud with Kanter was “all love.” There was nothing malicious about the comments from either Dinwiddie or Kanter. It was all in good fun and didn’t extend past some light trash talking. It’s good for the game and the city to see the two teams ramp up the rivalry.

Of course, neither team is going to be very competitive this upcoming season, but a little rivalry couldn’t hurt.

Dinwiddie also takes the high road by telling Nets fans to stop making jokes about Kristaps Porzingis’ torn ACL. This is a classy move by the Net and although Dinwiddie and Kanter kept the banter light, some fans of the Knicks and the Nets undoubtedly took things too far in the ensuing back-and-forth.

But besides the clarification on Kanter and the defense of KP, Dinwiddie also mentions that:

“If I had known [New York Knicks] fans were gonna react like that I would’ve tweeted the truth months ago.”

This is a very interesting comment, especially coming from Dinwiddie. No doubt, without Porzingis this is basically a toss-up. But this is brash talk from someone who was swept by the Knicks in the season series last year (by a combined 57 points).

Not to mention, Dinwiddie’s most memorable moments against the Knicks came at his expense.

This next block came during the 2016-17 season, but it’s yet another time when Dinwiddie was shut down by the Unicorn.

The rejections are one thing, but Knicks Film School also pointed out via Twitter that Dinwiddie was beaten soundly by Knicks rookie Frank Ntilikina last season.

Not a great look for Spencer! He’ll have his chance to back up this talk on Oct. 19 when the Knicks take on the Nets in Brooklyn’s home opener. Every basketball fan in New York should have that date circled on the calendar.

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