New York Mets Noah Syndergaard
(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Joe Benigno is tortured enough by the New York Jets and Mets. He couldn’t handle the ridiculousness of two specific callers on top of that.

Joe Benigno’s sports life ain’t easy. Rooting for the New York Jets and Mets is enough to break any fan. So when back-to-back callers called to talk Jets and Mets, Benigno had heard enough. He erupted on air as a Patriots fan called Mike McCarthy a bad coach and a Mets fan brought up a truly ridiculous trade offer.

The first caller isn’t completely off-base with his assessment of McCarthy. There are concerns with bringing him in as head coach of the Jets. That being said, Joe doesn’t want to hear that from a Patriots fan.

Al in Paramus poked the bear and got Joe going. But that was only the first course for Benigno’s blowup. Wayne in Manhattan came in with a truly ridiculous trade proposal for the Mets.

Wayne wants to trade the “overrated” Noah Syndergaard, Jeff McNeil, and Michael Conforto for Freddie Freeman. As a result, Benigno had to double check with Wayne to make sure he is a Mets fan because that trade is preposterous.

First off, trading an ace pitcher and two of your better young players just for Freeman would be insane. Furthermore, expecting the Braves to field offers for Freeman after they won the division is crazy. Then again, if the Mets are offering half their team for Freeman, Atlanta might listen.

This is why people love Benigno. He’s a regular fan just like everyone else and he’s not afraid to blow his top when callers are spewing this type of silliness.

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