David Fizdale Steven Adams Enes Kanter
ESNY Graphic, Getty Images

The New York Knicks lost an ugly one to the Oklahoma City Thunder, and it got so bad that Steven Adams gave David Fizdale some advice.

Enes Kanter stinks at defense. He stinks. He stinks on ice. He’s a revolving door in the post.

His defense is so bad that Oklahoma City Center Steven Adams turned to New York Knicks Coach David Fizdale to give him some advice during the blowout loss.

Adams told Fizdale to sub Kanter out because his defense is so bad.

Adams told the coach of the opposing team to take his matchup out of the game because it was too easy to score on him. He could have racked up some gaudy numbers against Kanter’s Swiss cheese defense, but it was so bad he thought it was unfair.

Imagine playing against someone in the greatest basketball league on the face of the earth and telling his coach to sub him out because he’s not giving you enough of a challenge.

This is why Mitchell Robinson is in the starting rotation. Robinson plays above-average defense, while Kanter is an absolute liability.

Kanter is a seven-year veteran who sports career averages of 15.4 points and 12.1 boards. Robinson is not even a quarter of a season into his career. What does it say about the level of defense the veteran is able to offer when despite his offensive prowess, he’s coming off the bench.

It’s absolutely ridiculous. Kanter’s inability to play defense has become both a lightning rod for criticism from Knicks fans and a beacon of hope for fans who are tuning in closely to college hoops.

Adams ended up with 19 points on the night as part of an absolutely dominating display by the Thunder.

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