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The Red Sox didn’t just beat the Bombers in the 2018 ALDS, they rubbed it in by desecrating sacred New York Yankees culture, and now Boston must pay.

Aaron Case

It all started when New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge walked by the Boston clubhouse at Fenway Park, blasting Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.” Judge was celebrating a win in the 2018 ALDS, not trying to trigger Boston’s classless cultural appropriation of the Bombers’ theme song.

But the Red Sox took Judge’s cheeky act and ran with it. They ran a little too far, though, all the way to the World Series and beyond.

When they bested the Bombers in the ALDS, Boston’s champagne-drenched celebration in the Yankee Stadium visitor’s clubhouse included strains of “New York, New York.”

Thanks to Judge, the Red Sox antics that night made sense. But it didn’t stop there.

Fans got involved, chanting “Yankees suck” at World Series games. Then, after finishing off the Dodgers, Boston turned again to a familiar song to celebrate, delivering an off-key rendition of Sinatra’s ode to NYC.

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