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Anti-Boston fan posters popping up in NYC subway

Posters bashing Boston fans are popping up in the Big Apple, giving Yankees fans something to laugh about with the Red Sox recent success.

Aaron Case

It’s a frustrating time to be a fan of the New York Yankees, as the Boston Red Sox in control against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series. To make matters worse, Red Sox fans are taking every opportunity they can to gloat in their rival fans’ faces, even busting out “Yankees suck” chants at the end of postseason games.

Don’t worry, though, Bombers fans. A Barstool Sports Twitter picture shows that New York City has your back:

The poster features a cartoon of an apparent Boston native decked out in a Red Sox hat and a Tom Brady jersey, a bottle of Sam Adams in hand. The circle-backslash symbol over the caricature’s face and the “Keep NYC Trash Free” caption finish off the greatest troll on Boston since Aaron Judge blasted Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” as he walked by the Red Sox clubhouse at Fenway Park.

The New England Patriots jersey makes sure that Jets and Giants fans are included in the epic dig.

Of course, it takes two to tango in a great rivalry, and the Red Sox have taken some good shots of their own. The team made sure to play the classic Sinatra tune back at Judge and the Yankees while celebrating their 2018 ALDS victory in the Bronx.

The Yankees and Red Sox, both coming off 100-plus win seasons in 2018, will again battle for American League East supremacy in 2019. With free agency coming up, New York might have a few more weapons in the fight against their division foes.

The Red Sox may have gotten the last laugh in 2018, but the anti-Boston trash poster sends a clear message: the rivalry between Boston and New York is fire on both sides.

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