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O’Toole Cartoons: Yellow flags turning the NFL into flag football?

Flag Football
O’Toole Cartoons

Yellow flags on Sunday galore. As per O’Toole Cartoons at ESNY, how in the world has the NFL not turned into flag football?

Flags galore. Five-yard false starts. Fifteen-yard roughing the pass penalties. It simply doesn’t matter. Those yellow flags are currently thrown around the National Football League like the color is going out of style.

Of course, the focus on player safety is paramount and obvious. Should the brain not be sufficiently protected, this American game we’ve all come to love as sports king in the country will no longer exist.

But come on, now. When pinky fingers are touching the logo of a quarterback’s helmet, yellow shouldn’t come as automatic.

Just wait until the kickoff is outlawed altogether. Don’t be confused. It’s coming. Anything that can be done, will be.

Let’s just hope the yellow flag that’s thrown by the officials act as the only flag on the football field for years to come.

ESNY staff reports.