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The New York Mets got involved in some internet fun just to remind everyone about ace pitcher Jacob deGrom.

Watching the New York Mets play this season was difficult for fans, but the team’s Twitter was entertaining.

The social media squad once again showed off their comedic chops after the FEMA test of the national alert system. As Twitter users used the alert as a format to say things ranging from the obvious to the absurd, the Mets used it to say something that falls into the former.

It bares repeating because it’s so true: Jacob deGrom is the best pitcher in in baseball. Many times outright declaring one player as the best draws arguments, but deGrom was dominant. His 1.70 ERA was 0.67 runs lower than anybody else in the majors.

Just for good measure, the baby-faced phenom also led the league in ERA+ (216), FIP (1.99), and home runs per nine innings (0.415). His 0.912 WHIP was 0.001 worse than Max Scherzer. He was also second in innings, strikeouts, and strikeouts per walk.

The team’s tweet is true. He was the best pitcher in baseball. He deserves the Cy Young if you ask ESNY’s Samantha Murray. If you don’t believe her, ask superstar pitcher Madison Bumgarner,  because he agrees.

Most years deGrom would be a shoo-in to win the Cy Young. However, the Mets scored runs for him at the same rate that the Wilpons spend money, and as a result, his record ended up at a criminally low 10-9. For comparison, teammate Noah Syndergaard got 13 wins with a 3.03 ERA while making seven fewer starts.

While wins should not factor into the Cy Young discussion when one pitcher was head and shoulders above the competition, there’s still a not insignificant chance that voters will point to his low win total as an excuse not to vote for him.

If they do that, expect to see a lot of funny tweets from the Mets about it.

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