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New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard paid tribute to David Wright as only Thor could, with a funny yet kind tweet.

Billy McInerney

A long season for the New York Mets and their fans had an emotional end, as captain David Wright played his final game as a Major Leaguer. Before and after an emotional, somewhat bittersweet end to Wright’s career, tributes came pouring in for the Mets’ captain.

Curtis Granderson said that Wright was the reason he signed with the team in 2013, and every player on the team attended Wright’s press conference when he announced the plan for him going forward, despite the fact that few of them played with him.

One of the most unique tribute’s to Wright came from Noah Syndergaard, who tweeted about one of his first interactions with him. He told the story of his lunch being thrown in the garbage, while taking the blame for it, and telling Wright how much he would miss him.

For those who have forgotten the story, it occurred in Spring Training of 2015 before Syndergaard was called up to the Mets during that season. Syndergaard had pitched in a Spring Training game and went into the cafeteria to get food after he was removed from the game.

Wright was walking past the cafeteria and didn’t take kindly to a 22-year-old who hadn’t made the major leagues not being out watching the game after he was pulled. He went to confront Syndergaard and told him to get back out to the dugout and watch the game.

Bobby Parnell, who served as the Mets closer before injuries derailed his career, also came over, and in the course of the conversation, Syndergaard’s lunch was thrown in the garbage (for the record, Marc Carig of Newsday (at the time) said that it was Parnell who threw the food away).

The incident became a story because it was witnessed by the press, something that Wright apologized to the rookie for, as he didn’t intend to embarrass Syndergaard, just send him a message. To Syndergaard’s credit, he held no ill will and wasn’t angry at Wright for what happened, and he used it as a learning experience.

It also made for a funny story for Syndergaard to use to send off the captain of the Mets with.

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