Austin Jackson new york mets
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The New York Mets made a roster move on Friday, but not one anyone was actually looking for. 

With the non-waiver trade deadline approaching, everyone is on high alert when it comes to roster movement. That’s why my ears perked up when a notification about the New York Mets came across my phone.

Unfortunately, there was no news of a trade that could positively impact the future of the organization. Instead, it was just an alert that New York signed Austin Jackson, as reported in the only way Fancred’s Jon Heyman knows how:

Predictably so, the initial reaction was met with a lot of confusion and anger. Here’s a very small sampling:

After the year Mets fans have had to endure, it’s hard to blame them.

On the surface, this signing doesn’t mean all that much. After posting a 131 wRC+ and .371 wOBA in 318 plate appearances as a part-time player for the Cleveland Indians, Jackson signed a two-year, $6 million contract to join the San Francisco Giants.

He performed so badly through 165 plate appearances with his new club (68 wRC+ and .268 wOBA) that the Giants traded him to the Texas Rangers just to clear payroll. He didn’t even suit up for Texas before getting designated for assignment and released.

Could this signing mean a trade is on the horizon, though? If we’re talking specifically about outfielders, the only one with some kind of value that is also readily available is Jose Bautista. Still, it’s not as if he’ll bring back a king’s ransom in any potential transaction.

Either way, this signing is one that doesn’t make much sense. If Bautista is on his way out of town, why not just fill the position from within instead of bringing in another veteran?

John Ricco mentioned the other day that New York is still planning on putting the best product as possible on the field, but it’s hard to justify this statement when Jose Reyes is still getting somewhat consistent playing time.

This move is a definite head-scratcher, but we’ll find out if there’s any hidden meaning to it soon enough.

Matt Musico is an editor for ESNY. He’s been writing about baseball and the Mets for the past decade. His work has been featured on numberFire, MetsMerized Online, Bleacher Report, and Yahoo! Sports.