New York Mets Mickey Callaway
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Despite a disappointing first season so far, New York Mets executive John Ricco still believes in manager Mickey Callaway.

The New York Mets are having an extraordinarily disappointing season to date. They are 35-50 entering play on July 8 and have been especially horrific recently, posting a putrid 5-21 record in the month of June.

The Mets’ distressful season has had many causes, including injuries to key players, such as Yoenis Cesepdes and Noah Syndergaard, a bullpen that has been far worse than advertised, and an offense that could generously be described as anemic.

First-year manager Mickey Callaway has struggled to navigate all of those issues, as the team has struggled. He has appeared to have a hard time adjusting to managerial life, but he also seems to have faith from the front office. According to what he told Howie Kussoy of the New York Post, John Ricco still has faith in Callaway.

When asked about Callaway, who has gotten a lot of grief from media personalities, Ricco said “My perspective hasn’t changed at all. Obviously, I was a big part in bringing Mickey on board. I have a lot of confidence in him.”

Ricco acknowledged his frustration with the season, while adding that he didn’t place all of the blame on Callaway’s shoulders. Ricco is very willing to be patient with his rookie manager.

“A rookie manager coming in, there’s been some growing pains. The team has obviously not performed as well as we hoped it would, but that hasn’t changed my view of Mickey at all. We’d like it all to happen overnight, but we’ve got to have some patience in some areas. We certainly want to win more and we need to win more, but just specifically about Mickey, I’m really excited about the job he’s doing, about the dialogue we’re having and about the future.”

Ricco has taken over as one of the team’s top decision makers since general manger Sandy Alderson was forced to take a leave of absence, and should Alderson be unable to return, Ricco would have a very real chance at becoming the team’s next general manager.

Should that be the case, it appears Callaway will get a chance to lead the Mets as they try to recover from what it shaping up to be yet another upsetting season.

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