New York Mets Todd Frazier
Picture courtesy of Instagram

New York Mets third baseman Todd Frazier may be on the disabled list right now but that hasn’t stopped him from expanding his family with his wife, Jackie.

Todd Frazier has disappeared for quite some time from the New York Mets with an injury and his first appearance back on the field gives us a good clue as to how he spent his time off.

Just kidding guys! But in all seriousness, is this not the cutest pregnancy announcement ever?

Frazier and his wife Jackie have two kids so far. Blake is already hitting bombs at Citi Field, showing off his skills on the ball field and looking like a carbon copy of his own father. His daughter Kylie is only two years old and seems to be pretty talented at karate, according to Jackie’s Instagram.

Now, they’ll welcome another addition to their family and, being a baseball player, of course the announcement had to come with some super creative pun that has to do with the sport. I give the Fraziers the highest praise for this one.

The term “ducks on the pond” is a perfect one to use for this little family, as Jackie states that their “bases will be loaded” come their due date on November 23, 2018.

It wasn’t a generic gender reveal/pregnancy announcement involving a baseball and bat. We’ve all seen those horrific fails. Instead, this is simple yet adorable. What else could we expect from the Frazier family?

And the matching shirts with literal ducks on the pond? And the numerous rubber duckies littering the field with the kids? And what about the ADORABLE family picture of them all? My heart can’t handle it.

I don’t know this family in person but I think it’s safe to say that they might just be the cutest MLB family and now they are adding one more child to the mix.

Congratulations to Todd Frazier and his wife, Jackie, on their new addition! Now, get off the disabled list and get back to playing ball!

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