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New York Knicks: Enes Kanter makes desperate plea for LeBron James in NYC (Video)

As if the New York Knicks weren’t desperate enough, Enes Kanter takes matters into his own hands in recruiting LeBron James.

As if the New York Knicks pitiful 29-53 season wasn’t embarrassing enough, Enes Kanter decided to make a fool of himself in scouting LeBron James.

James, who is set to become a free agent come season’s end, has been scouting out his next location and according to Kanter, the best fit is in New York City.

I mean, could they seem any more desperate? The Knicks likely aren’t even on his short list and the thought of LeBron coming to NYC because of a Twitter video with no personality is laughable.

You have to admit, it was brave for Kanter to call out James, especially after he flat-out stated that James was not the King of New York after LeBron declared that on his Instagram.

Oh, the irony. First, Kanter wants LeBron to stop disrespecting his city and now he wants him to live there full-time? Sorry Kanter, I don’t follow your logic.

But any team would love to have LeBron James on their roster. I mean, look at what he’s done so far in the postseason. He has single-handedly carried his team through to the Eastern Conference Semifinals. But the beef between Kanter and James just can’t be ignored.

How horrific would that duo be for team chemistry?

It’s not competition between the two. If LeBron wants to declare himself the King of New York, he’s right. With Kristaps Porzingis chronically injured, there’s really no one else who would compete for that title.

Do you really think LeBron takes the bait? Absolutely not. This was a pitiful, half-hearted attempt by Kanter that will likely go nowhere except into the saved videos on LeBron’s phone for when he needs a good laugh.

Hey, at least he tried, which is more than what people can say about the other Knicks players when it comes to the LeBron recruitment process.

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