New York Mets, Asdrubal Cabrera
(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

In helping the New York Mets get off to their best start in franchise history, a ridiculous 10-1, Asdrubal Cabrera is leading by example.

After demanding a trade in June of 2017, Asdrubal Cabrera’s future with the New York Mets looked bleak. In a public display of dissatisfaction with being moved to second base, Cabrera went to the press, asking that general manager Sandy Alderson to trade him.

In an article written by Marc Craig of Newsday, Cabrera voiced his displeasure about being moved from shortstop to second base.

“If they don’t have any plans for me, I think it’s time to make a move,” said Cabrera. “I think that’s the right move for Cabrera and my family.”

Cabrera went public with his concerns when the Mets penciled him in at second without a chance for reps during his minor-league rehab assignment. Like the rest of the Mets during their 2017 season, Cabrera dealt with injuries and was frustrated with the season the Mets were experiencing.

Despite his request, the Mets kept Cabrera, who rewarded the team with another consistent season. In his two years with the Mets, the 12-year veteran has hit .280 in both seasons while posting remarkably similar number in every other category.

The Mets rewarded Cabrera by picking up his team option in November, something they would not do when they asked him to move positions in June.

Cabrera has responded wonderfully to his new role as Mets everyday second baseman this season, leading the team in BA (.333) and slugging percentage (.600) while almost doubling the number of hits (15) and runs (10) than anyone else. He has reached base in all 11 games this season while collecting a hit in each of his last 10 games. He has scored at least one run in eight games.

In the Mets comeback win over the Marlins on Tuesday, Cabrera became the fifth Mets player to homer from each side of the plate multiple times in his career, joining Bobby Bonilla, Todd Hundley, Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran. His second HR in the eighth inning tied the game at 6 and was his first career HR when swinging at a 3-0 pitch.

An elder statesman at age 32, Cabrera’s versatility has helped the Mets so far this season. Normally known for his ability to play multiple infield positions, Cabrera has found a home at second base this season, starting all Mets 11 games there. His versatility has been on display in the batting order, as he has hit in four different positions so far this season (first, second, fourth and fifth).

If the New York Mets are going to continue their dominant start to the season, Cabrera’s ability to provide consistent offense and Mickey Callaway with multiple options will play a big part in the team’s success.

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