New York Jets, Geno Smith
(Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)

Former New York Jets starting quarterback Geno Smith gets another chance. Plus a uniform update for the green and white. 

People say that the most popular guy on any football team is the backup quarterback. That was certainly the case back in 2013, although Geno Smith wasn’t the backup quarterback for very long with the New York Jets.

In the infamous annual “Snoopy Bowl,” the ill-fated decision of one Rex Ryan led then-starting quarterback Mark Sanchez to an untimely death. He was still under center when the team funneled through their second-and-third offensive line units deep in a meaningless game.

Sanchez got hurt and was out for the season and that was the end of “The Sanchize.” Smith got a few opportunities and showed some glimpses, although he eventually fell out of favor for his propensity to turn the ball over.

After leaving 1 Jets Drive, Smith didn’t even have to change apartments when he signed on with the New York Giants. Who would’ve thought that Smith would end Eli Manning‘s historic starting streak?

While Smith put his talent on display, he committed costly turnovers, which led to his return to the bench and ultimately, being one-and-done with the Giants.

But the latest news may be the best yet for Smith.

Smith joins a quarterback room that includes Cardale Jones (raw former Ohio State star) and of course future Pro Football Hall of Famer Philip Rivers (36 years old). Rivers has two years remaining on his deal, but the LA Chargers have no plans for the future on the roster.

Smith gets another opportunity to sit behind a quarterback from that famous 2003 class. But more importantly, he can bide his time for that next opportunity. Geno could’ve signed on with [insert crap team here] after his time with the Jets, but he chose a role in which there’d be less pressure.

I think that’s going to pay off in the long run for Smith and will assuredly keep his NFL starting quarterback hopes alive for the future.

A fan tweeted this to me on social media. Upon initial review, it has a ton of potential. But after taking a step back it’s a little too much Philadelphia Eagles for me. We’ve had problems with the Eagles in the past: the E-A-G-L-E-S chant seems unoriginal and of course, the city of brotherly love falsely claims that they own the moniker “gang green,” which has ruffled some feathers (pun intended).

So, long story short, we’re making progress. The one constant on a new jersey for the Jets seems to be a modern twist on an old favorite. I like that mentality because the Jets had some cool ideologies with logos and uniforms back in the day, it’d be nice to bring those back to life.

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