Enes Kanter, New York Knicks, NBA
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert took a shot at Enes Kanter on Twitter, but the Knicks center didn’t miss a golden opportunity at a joke.

The big man from Turkey is a frequent user of social media and prior to Monday night’s game in Philadelphia, he posted a picture from the Knicks’ Christmas Day matchup with the 76ers.

Enes Kanter was a beast in that game and may have posted this to remind the Sixers of his 31 points and 22 rebounds from his outstanding performance in what was ultimately a loss. Eleven of his rebounds in that game came on the offensive end so in all likelihood he took this photo after grabbing a rebound amidst a sea of red jerseys.

Rudy Gobert wasted no time in roasting his former teammate. The center from France tells Kanter to pass the ball. He’s got a point. If there are five Sixers covering Kanter that means there are probably a few Knicks open.

Even though it looks like Kanter surely drew a foul on this play, it’s still a pretty good jab from Gobert.

But Enes the Menace is notorious for getting the last word in.

In his emoji-laden response, he claims that he thought he was Kobe Bryant. Any basketball fan would understand the joke Kanter is making, but Kanter posted a side-by-side picture just to make his point completely clear. Credit to Kanter for digging up that photo of Kobe though.

Even the attention to detail to make sure he got a picture where Kobe was wearing a white jersey and his opponent was in red. In all likelihood, there are a bunch of pictures out there of Kobe going one-on-four or one-on-five.

Now the only way this could get better is if Kobe comes up with a decent response to Kanter’s post. I’m thinking something like this to symbolize how many guys Kanter was taking on in his picture.

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