New York Ranges Untouchables
ESNY Graphic, Getty Images

TSN’s Bob Mckenzie stated on “TSN Insider Trading” that there are no untouchables on the New York Rangers, a stunning statement to read as it appears the team is in full sell mode.

Bob McKenzie said plenty on his TSN Insider Trading show with regards to the New York Rangers and the potential fire sale that is in its early stages.

McKenzie states that “no Rangers player is untouchable.”

To begin with, McKenzie spoke about what would be the top player on the Ranger team moving on, Rick Nash. As has been reported Nash submitted his no-trade 18-team trade list to the Rangers organization. Mckenzie believes the current asking price for a team to obtain Nash would be a three-piece deal, “a first-round pick, a top prospect and another lesser player/pick in combination.”

Mckenzie also stated that many GMs believe this asking price is too high and as the deadline draws closer the asking price will probably change to a first round pick and a second round pick or top prospect.

The topic then changed over to Michael Grabner, in which McKenzie believes the Rangers can get a first-round pick in a deal. The surprising take out of this subject is McKenzie reported many GM’s believe “Grabner would be more cost efficient return then Rick Nash might be”

“The Rangers are in full sell mode with the Rangers,” McKenzie went on to say. “The word rebuild is finally being used with the Rangers.”

“There are no untouchables on the Rangers, not [Ryan] McDonagh, not [Mats] Zuccarello, not J.T. Miller, not anybody.”

A stunning statement, no doubt, but when the team is in this unusual status of sell mode, no one is safe from being moved.

The Rangers seem to officially be in full rebuild mode.

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