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Jeff Wilpon met the media on Tuesday to discuss the New York Mets offseason while the prom frenzy continues.

Wilpon meets the media 

Jeff Wilpon broke the silence by meeting with New York Mets beat writers today. he had some interesting things to say about the team’s financial situation and payroll.

The fact that Jeff was willing to admit that the owners understand the fan’s perception is a good start, considering the team often makes moves that are considered cheap and controversial by the fans.

He went on to add that the team’s payroll could hit the $155 million mark that they met in 2017, or it could be lower around $145 million. The good news here is that current projections have the payroll at $135 million, so either way, it seems the Mets plan to add at least one new piece to the puzzle.

Prom coming to Citi Field?

If you haven’t seen the recent news regarding a girl’s quest to take her prom experience to Citi Field, you should give it a read.

The young girl’s tweet has gone viral which has led to several players, including both current and former Mets, helping to distribute the tweet in an attempt to receive the 500,000 retweets necessary.

A former Met was signed, and it wasn’t Bartolo Colon 

The New York Mets announced via Twitter that the team had agreed to a minor league deal with former Met Ty Kelly. The deal will include an invite to Spring Training as well.

With Bartolo Colon heavily rumored to be nearing a return, Mets fans were probably hoping for the return of Colon instead of Kelly.

However, at this time it seems the Mets are no longer interested in a reunion with the 44-year-old starter.

For a team that is built around a starting rotation with questionable health, Colon seemed like he could be a nice addition to a minor league contract.

Mets revamp the training staff 

After a 2017 season that featured a myriad of injuries, the Mets have finally decided to make wholesale changes to the organization’s training staff.

The new head trainer and director of performance will have to find ways to keep star players such as Yoenis Cespedes, Noah Syndergaard and Michael Conforto on the field this season.

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