The New York Rangers have had some great goaltenders over the last 91 years which is why it’s necessary to appropriately rank the greatest.

When it was suggested that I rank New York Rangers goaltenders over the course of the last 91 years of organizational history, I have to say, I was a bit apprehensive to do it.

Ranking players are so subjective. How is the ranking done? What matters most? Wins, goals against average, minutes played, the era they played in, amount of Stanley Cups won (definitely not that category)? The ways to work it out is endless.

There is no right or wrong here and I am sure to get as much positive feedback as negative feedback no matter how I rank these great players. So let the craziness commence. Here are my rankings of the top 10 goalies in the history of the New York Rangers.

Honorable Mentions

All the players listed were great goalies who proudly wore the Rangers sweater. At one point or another, they were the face of the New York Rangers and I am sure everyone has had their favorite. Mine has always been John Davidson, and many may not agree with what I have ranked.

One thing everyone can agree on is that Rangers fans have been very lucky over the years to have had these gentlemen play the toughest position the NHL. From Lorne Chabot to Eddie Giacomin to Mike Richter lifting the Stanley Cup at MSG on that June 1994 night, we should all be proud of the men who have stood tall in front of the net for the Blueshirts.

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