John DaSilva [8:49 PM]
Plus Jeter inherited from Messier.

Danny Small [8:49 PM]
One thing I miss about Craig Carton is when he would tell Boomer no one cared about hockey haha.

Frank Curto [8:49 PM]
True Nick.

Danny Small [8:49 PM]
Hockey just doesn’t move the needle.

John DaSilva [8:49 PM]
Messier was the exception.

Frank Curto [8:50 PM]
Messier was the definition of King.

Nicholas Durst [8:50 PM]
Messier, Leetch, Richter and Graves ran this town from ’94 through ’98.

John DaSilva [8:50 PM]
Dated supermodels, led Rangers to the Cup, made bold predictions, etc.

Frank Curto [8:50 PM]
Danny the ’94 team moved every needle. What a year that was Knicks and Rangers in the Finals.
The Guarantee!

Nicholas Durst [8:51 PM]
So let’s all give our personal rankings of who is King today.
Most would agree it is Francesa but let’s limit this to athletes.

Justin Birnbaum [8:52 PM]
Good idea Nicholas.
Since we’re coming to the end here.

Frank Curto [8:52 PM]

Justin Birnbaum [8:52 PM]
Let’s wrap things up with our own rankings.

Nicholas Durst [8:52 PM]
1. Odell Beckham Jr.
2. Kristaps Porzingis
3. Aaron Judge
4. Henrik Lundqvist.

Danny Small [8:53 PM]
Judge > KP > Beckham

Justin Birnbaum [8:53 PM]
1. Aaron Judge
2. Kristaps Porzingis
3. Odell Beckham
4. Everyone Else

John DaSilva [8:53 PM]
Beginning of September I would have said Odell, KP, and then Judge. By end of this month, I think it will be KP, Judge, Odell.

Frank Curto [8:54 PM]
1. Judge 2. Lundqvist 3. Beckham 4. Porzingis

Nicholas Durst [8:54 PM]
For the record, I want to say I think you are all crazy for having the most popular football player in the world #3.

John DaSilva [8:54 PM]
If KP stays healthy, keeps producing, and the Knicks keep winning, He can take over this Winter.
Who made Carson Wentz #3?

Justin Birnbaum [8:55 PM]
Closing thoughts as we round it out here guys?

Nicholas Durst [8:56 PM]
Wentzlevania came to a crashing halt last year and will do so again.

John DaSilva [8:56 PM]
Injury to Odell hurts and I hope the time off will have him reflect and realize what needs to be done to help the Giants.
They need a leader and he can be it, but he has to mature.

Nicholas Durst [8:57 PM]
My final thought is that the King of NY has to be great on the field and captivate the city off of it.

Justin Birnbaum [8:57 PM]
For me, if Kristaps Porzingis successfully makes the Knicks relevant again, the city could be his. For Judge, the task is a little more difficult as he has to follow one dynasty with another. As for Odell, it looks like the Giants may be passing the torch soon so it’s tough to see the next few years for him as promising in terms of making a case for King.

John DaSilva [8:58 PM]
If Odell matures and becomes the leader, he will easily be the King of NY.

Frank Curto [8:59 PM]
We all have different interpretations of what a King is. I believe he is a player who excels on the field and is good off the field. With those different interpretations, we all have a different kind of athlete in mind.

Justin Birnbaum [8:59 PM]
Well said, Frank.

John DaSilva [8:59 PM]
I want Odell to be Jerry Rice, not Terrell Owens.

Frank Curto [9:00 PM]
Thank you. Now Hank is the only guy here with a crown in his logo lol.

Justin Birnbaum [9:00 PM]
Guys, I’m going to cut things off here. Thank you all for taking the time out to discuss.

Frank Curto [9:00 PM]
Good Job Justin.

John DaSilva [9:01 PM]
Thank you for having us do this.

Frank Curto [9:01 PM]
Thank you for the invite.

Nicholas Durst [9:01 PM]
Thanks. Good discussion Benny, Frank, John, Justin, Nicholas, Danny.

Frank Curto [9:01 PM]
now get back to work boys

Nicholas Durst [9:02 PM]
Tebow time all the time. Don’t forget.

Robby Sabo [1:59 a.m. ET while editing]
Nobody’s the King of NY. Time is needed. Beckham choked on the only big stage he was one (in Green Bay). Hank, while the most established, hasn’t yet won the big one (but is the most established despite his hockey playing ways). Judge had a monster year but needs at least two more years of this production to even have me serious about the guy. (Power-hitting guys in the postseason are often tricky at times.)

John Tavares is still the best player in New York.

In the past, Babe Ruth into Joe DiMaggio into Mickey Mantle and Frank Gifford into Joe Namath into the collective individuals of the Bronx Zoo and Mets crazies of the late 80s and then eventually into Derek Jeter. That’s what it looks like historically. There’s no chance I’m giving Matt Harvey or OBJ or Judge that title after such short, championship-less eras.

Kristaps Porzingis is the obvious guy moving forward. Not now, but eventually. He’s everything you want in an individual leading a franchise in New York.

Nobody now, and it’s not even close KP moving forward.

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